“How Tide turned laundry into a social event for everyone”

Tide, the Procter & Gamble laundry detergent, has been featured in news articles everywhere, especially since the start up of a dry cleaning chain under the same name, as a result of their charity laundry in national disaster areas, and recently with regard to their TV commercials feature men, instead of women, doing the laundry.

Earlier we reported on the positive replies that followed these commercials. Now, it seems, Tide is studied cross-chain as their marketing strategies get people talking – everywhere. Read below quote by Jacob Hurwith, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) in the UK, explaining, from a social media point of view, why Tide gets people talking: “There can’t be that many people that actually enjoy laundry, and yet, Tide is creating conversations with people across genders and generations. How did a brand that sells a product that most of us only use when we’re down to our last pair of socks, become one of the most successful brands on Twitter? Who are they talking to and how are they getting people so excited about…laundry? (…) Out of all the biggest home care brands that you can think of, Tide is leaving all other products in its (stain-free) dust. In the last two months, Tide has increased its Twitter followers by 43.5%, more than 3.5 times more than the industry benchmark. So how has Tide created such a buzz about this household chore? First of all, Tide’s social media team tweets and they tweet a lot. They mix it up too, with proactive tweets, replies, and retweets. In the two months that I analyzed, Tide made more than 10 tweets a day, five times the industry benchmark of two tweets per day. Twitter is a place to have a two way conversation and Tide certainly participates, as over 50% of its tweets are replies to people. However, there is no point replying to people days after the original tweet. Tide is able to keep the conversation going and build brand affinity by replying to around 60% of tweets within 15 minutes and 80% within 60 minutes. Compare this to the industry average of nine hours to reply to a tweet and you can see why people love talking to Tide! Tide is using Twitter to reply to a whole variety of tweets. Some people ask questions about how to get specific stains out of their clothes and Tide replies with a link to their database of stain removal. Some people are complaining about the product and Tide immediately steps in to try to rectify the problem, offering a number the customer can call to make things right.” Read more