Green fashion – Most searched textile term on internet

For a brand that wants to be recognized for its ethical credentials, using the right words is essential, says Fibre2Fashion in an article about the use of words when it comes to sustainability in fashion and textiles. Knowing which words are the most popular allows a company to understand how consumers think, and how they as a company can communicate adequately and efficiently. London-based fashion and textile risk management consultancy company texSture researched the most popular digital media terms related to sustainable textiles.

The research unveiled which words consumers and, more generally, the market, use when it comes to sustainable textiles. Adjectives like “sustainable”, “green”, “eco”, “responsible”, “conscious” and “ethical” are commonly associated with the word “fashion”. The questions were if certain words are more popular than others, which words are outdated, and how the consumer talks about sustainable fashion and the industry. Comparing the most used words to search for “sustainable fashion” between 2004 until today, texStrure found that “green fashion”, recalling environmental credentials, has been the most popular search term since 2004, a trend which is forecasted to continue. “Organic fashion”, with association to organic certifications, is the second most popular search term, indicating that the association with organic fibres like cotton is very strong. “Fair trade fashion” has never taken off as a term in popular internet searches and “eco fashion” had its peak in 2008. Read on their website