LCA to go: smart textiles web tool

“LCA to go”, a project partially funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme, aims to develop a sector-specific web based open source toolbox for boosting Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in SMEs.

The LCA to go project is directed at a selected number of sectors, including amongst others smart textiles, electronics and sensors. In the development of a webtool following an open source concept, the aim is to provide easy to use “apps” for the end-user with regard to most eminent needs. It enables smart textile designers and producers to assess the environmental profiles for typical smart textile applications. These environmental profiles can be referenced at the early product design phases to direct users towards ecodesign practices. By providing the relevant technical performance data of smart textiles, users are able to gain a deeper understanding of the life cycle environmental impacts of their design decisions. The LCA to go webtool is based upon a fast-track Life Cycle based Assessment approach. The webtool translates the environmental impacts of smart textiles into eco-costs. Eco-costs represent the amount of money theoretically required to prevent the environmental impacts of a product. This enables the environmental costs over the product’s life cycle to be related to the value of the product. LCA to go users can use this insight to prioritise environmental improvements when designing smart textiles. Read more