Occupational Rehabilitation Center branches into laundry business

A facility recently opened by Winona Occupational Rehabilitation Center (ORC) employs area adults with disabilities, creating 60,000 additional hours of work annually in the organization, reports The Winona Post. The Winona Laundry will be able to process 3,000,000 pounds of laundry.

Seven out of ten people with disabilities who want to work do not have jobs, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, but Winona Laundry employs these adults.

“The clients are very excited; several of our folks have worked in laundries in our local hotels and they are very excited,” said Executive Director of Winona ORC, Judie Foster-Lupkin. “They even enjoy the training and being able to run the machines.” The facility is divided into two sections, dirty laundry and clean laundry. The dirty clothes are taken by cart and loaded into the washing machines. The carts are then sanitized before being moved to the other side for clean laundry. Workers who are unable or prefer not to operate or load and unload the machines will be able to fold washcloths, rags, and other smaller items at a table in the facility. “The variety of clients we can serve, range of skill levels is very large,” said Foster-Lupkin. The ORC sales staff is hoping to target health and hospitality industries for potential contracts with Winona Laundry. By the end of the year, the facility should have enough customers to begin a regular schedule. Read more