Make your own smart textiles iPod holder in UK

Smart textile solutions are now make a noticeable further descend into the market, namely the one of teaching. The website is offering make-your-own kits for smart textiles iPod holders, manufactured by Light Stitches. The set, which you can buy online for £4.31, includes all components and materials to make one LED colour changing iPod holder. A free downloadable instruction booklet includes all the printable resources needed. The iPod holder uses 1 colour changing LED for a visual display. The LED is activated when the metal press stud is closed (Press stud acts as a switch turning the LED on/off). The iPod holder can be easy altered to suit various items like phones, mp3 players, etc. Light Stitches kits are a new range of electronic projects which allow Key Stage 3 Design and Technology students to integrate LEDs and other electronic components into smart textile designs, creating light effects. No soldering is required, the Light Stitches conductive thread can simply be tied in a knot or sown around the LED in order to make a connection.