Xeros in UK spreads to the US

Xeros Ltd., the UK innovator that developed “virtually waterless” laundry cleaning, has set its sights on the North American commercial laundry industry, starting in New England. Best known for its environmentally friendly polymer bead cleaning system, Xeros technology uses a less water, energy and detergent than conventional cleaning methods, and provides significant cost-saving and environmental benefits. The technology uses up to 90% less water than traditional washing machines, consumes approximately 50% less chemicals than traditional methods, and can reduce energy consumption with up to 50%. Xeros’ patented polymer beads are capable of hundreds of washes and are then collected and recycled. By combining the beads’ molecular structure with a proprietary detergent solution, the result, according to Xeros, is a cleaning medium that beats even water. The Xeros system was recently installed at Manchester New Harmpshire’s Sterling Linen Services, a high-quality linen processing and rental service for area hotels, hospitals and restaurants. For more information visit http://www.xeroscleaning.com/uk-innovator-to-put-the-green-in-north-americas-whites/.