‘Good for you, good for the world’

This is the motto of Shiraz Bata, owner of the Green Clean dry cleaner in Dallas, reports The Examiner. Being in the industry since 1979, Bata has found a safer, healthier alternative to the traditional dry cleaner. Bata uses a one-hundred percent biodegradable, odour-free solvent which he says is safe for people, animals and all colours and fabrics. His mission is “good for you, good for the world”.

Bata wanted to provide a healthy, odour free, environmentally friendly alternative to their clothing care needs at the same price point as traditional dry-cleaners. With their first store at Preston and Beltline, they are finding that it is very possible to charge the same or even lower on some items as traditional dry cleaners using their method. ‘Over fifty percent of the Dallas area cleaners still use Perchlorethylene which is a very high odorous, ground contaminating, noxious solvent,’ said Bata. ‘I had experience with Perchlorethylene and its harmful effects to the body and environment. I wanted to make sure GreenClean would never use Perchlorethylene, that it would employ the most modern, healthiest and energy efficient equipment and processes, but still be a very competitively priced service offering the same or even lower prices than traditional dry-cleaners.’ The company says to use an odourless, clear, paraffin based solvent known as Ecosolv. ‘Ecosolv cleans just as effectively as the traditional, harmful solvents do. But it leaves no odours in clothing, is not harmful to our staff, customers or the environment, is not a groundwater contaminant and it is considered a food source for airborne bacteria. Ecosolv dry cleaning is very effective with our state-of-the-art cleaning machine which comes from Bologna, Italy.’ The cleaning process does however requires about fifty percent more time, according to Bata. ‘[O]ur production day is longer than traditional cleaners, but we can still turn around orders the same day when brought in by 9 am. If brought in after 9 am, they are ready the next day.’ Bata says his dry cleaning machine is considered the most energy efficient machine in the country. ‘Our machine utilizes heat pump technology to reclaim solvent out of garments (...). It is able to operate totally on compressed air and electricity unlike all other machines which also require water for cooling and steam for heating. Furthermore, this machine is emissions free with no venting into the store or through the roof. You can conclude it is more environmentally safe than a traditional home washer and dryer.’ Bata also wet cleans garments. ‘We have many customers who bring their hand and machine washables to us for professional care, giving them a fresh pressed appearance without the hassle of doing it themselves. We are happy to care for washables at no extra charge.’ Read more